Super Secret Minotaur

By: Matt Johnson

Making the first full length was awesome. I remember driving to Austin with Ben Livingston in the passenger seat; it was our first big Bucees experience. We got to collaborate with Christian Harris and his full set of recorders….. it was crazy to see all of the different sizes. Making the music video for “Masque Party” was cool and eye opening for me. Jared (camera-person) was using that camera track that gave that awesome professional look & panning. I wasn’t familiar with all of the 3 films that Ben and Ben chose to layer during the live session, but I remember watching hours of planet earth in the front room while Ben Livingston tracked drums in the recording room. He knocked out pretty much every song that he had prepared while Ben Clancy was at work. Pretty great how fast they can work. We were first introduced to the Maharaja Beer with 101 IBU’s.We watched 2001: a space odyssey on the rear projection screen setup that Ben and Jared had set up.


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